Do I need a hearing aid?

Many factors are important to consider when deciding whether you should pursue hearing aids.


Hearing loss can affect each individual differently and an assessment of what kind of situations you are having trouble can determine whether hearing aids are effective in the treatment of your hearing loss. An individual with mild hearing loss with complex communication needs will likely benefit from a hearing aid more than an individual with a similar hearing profile but has less complex communication needs.  The motivation to improve communication needs is the strongest determinant factor for hearing aid success.


Many types of hearing loss exist.  Some types of hearing loss can be improved by medical intervention without the need for hearing aids.  For the types of hearing loss that are not medically treatable, hearing aids can be helpful.  Hearing aids can also be more useful for certain types of hearing loss and less significant for others.  This type of information can be obtained with a comprehensive audiometric evaluation.


After purchasing a hearing aid a trial period will begin.  Depending on the manufacturer, a period of time exists when a hearing aid can be returned for a refund.

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