Widex Hearing Aid Prices

Widex hearing aid prices are shown below for the latest models. The cost listed includes the hearing aid fitting & orientation and one year of follow-up services at Merit Hearing.

If you are interested in learning more about hearing aids, or are ready to purchase a pair of hearing aids, please contact us for an appointment. Our audiologists are happy to assist you in choosing the best hearing aids based on your specific type of hearing loss.

If you are looking for an older model of Widex hearing aids that is not listed below, please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.

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Widex Moment Hearing Aid Prices

Widex Moment hearing aid family. 3 BTE styles and 3 ITE styles
Widex Moment hearing aid family
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Moment mRIC 440$2,105$3,910 ***$3,410***
Moment 440$2,030$3,760
Moment mRIC 330$1,830$3,360
Moment 330$1,755$3,210
Moment mRIC 220$1,604$2,908
Moment 220$1,529$2,758
All Widex Moment hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.
***Limited quantity available at sale price***

Widex Evoke Hearing Aid Prices

Widex Evoke hearing aid family. Multiple BTE and ITE styles
Widex Evoke hearing aid family
Model One DeviceTwo Devices
Evoke 440$1,950$3,600
Evoke 330$1,675$3,050
Evoke 220$1,499$2,698
Evoke 110$1,374$2,448
All Widex Evoke hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Widex Beyond Hearing Aid Pries

Widex Beyond hearing aid
Widex Beyond hearing aid
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Beyond 440$1,924$3,548
Beyond 330$1,535$2,770
Beyond 220$1,399$2,498
All Widex Beyond hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Accessories & Supplies

Supplies and accessories for Widex hearing aids can be purchased on our online store and shipped anywhere in the USA. If you are looking for something not listed, please inquire for pricing and availability.

Standard mRIC Charger$125
Charge N Clean Charger$275
TV Play$230
Phone-Dex 2$295
Widex Dome Tips – Pack of 10$12
NanoCare Wax Guard$10
CeruStop XL Wax Filters$10
*Sales tax may apply to accessories and supplies.

These Widex hearing aid prices are available in all of our locations in Iowa and Nebraska!

If you are interested in more information about any of the Widex products listed above, or if you would like pricing on a different Widex product, please contact us.

We are currently a contracted in-network provider with Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna, and Medicare insurance plans. Some policies do cover hearing aids and the services related to selecting and programming hearing aids. We are happy to assist you with determining insurance coverage for hearing aids.