Why Choose Merit Hearing?

Have you ever asked why hearing aids are so expensive?  Do you know what products and services are factored into that cost?  Have you ever wondered why hearing aid companies do not show pricing on their websites?

The hearing aid market currently operates in a “bundled” system.  That bundled system means the hearing aid will be sold with an included mark-up in price to include services.  These services typically include hearing aid checks, tests, and in-warranty repairs.   Those services are pre-paid so these services can potentially be done without cost.

This sounds good. Right?

Do you know how much you are paying for these services?

Do you know what these services are and if you will actually need them?

Do you know how much you will actually use these services?

Is it fair that someone who uses those services once per year pays the same price as someone who uses them twenty times per year?

At Merit Hearing, we believe in a fair, unbundled pricing philosophy.  We use the latest technology from the most prestigious manufacturers.  Our pricing is clear.  We provide bundled service pricing for one year from the date of sale.  After that, you can decide if you would like to continue with bundled pricing or if you would like to only pay for services when you use them.

Our company values are integrity, honesty, and education for the patient.

Our company goals are improving quality of life of Iowans with better hearing and substantial financial savings.

Advantages of our company are as follows:

  • Drastically lower upfront costs. (You could buy two, or sometimes even three sets of hearing aids and still pay less than a single set of the exact same hearing aids at many other retailers.)
  • Long term savings – especially if you take good care of your hearing aids.
  • No paying for unused services.
  • All services can be conveniently done in your home at hours that work for you – great for working professionals or individuals for whom transportation is not easy.
  • Lost hearing aids out of warranty can be replaced at considerably reduced costs.  This is ideal for assisted care living or persons who may be very active.
  • No worries about paying for services if you move.  Those savings can be used to hire a different provider to take over your care.
  • Extensive experience with multiple hearing aid manufacturers, with no brand loyalty.  This translates to significant knowledge about all products on the current market so you can trust that the hearing aid brand, style, options and technology level is best customized to meet your needs.

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