Why Choose Merit Hearing?

Why should you choose Merit Hearing?

You should choose Merit Hearing because we offer honest, hearing healthcare at reasonable prices. We are different from our competitors because we post all of our prices online. At Merit Hearing, we want our patients to be completely comfortable with their hearing aid purchase and know they are getting the best prices available. We are able to sell hearing aids for lower prices by offering “unbundled” hearing aid services. Our patients love that they only have to pay for services that they actually use.

At Merit Hearing, we believe in a fair, unbundled pricing philosophy.  We use the latest technology from the most prestigious manufacturers. With a new hearing aid purchase, we do provide the first year of service as part of the sale price. This is because it sometimes takes several adjustments initially to get the hearing aid just right. After that, it’s up to the patient to decide if they would like to continue with bundled pricing, or if they would like to only pay for services when they use them.

Our company values are integrity, honesty, and education for the patient.

Our company goals are improving quality of life of for our patient with better hearing and substantial financial savings.

Advantages of Choosing Merit Hearing:

  • Drastically lower upfront costs. With our pricing structure, you could buy two (or sometimes even three) sets of hearing aids for a lower price than a single set of the exact same hearing aids at many other retailers.
  • Long term savings – especially if you take good care of your hearing aids.
  • No paying for unused services.
  • Lost hearing aids that are out of warranty can be replaced at considerably reduced costs.  This is ideal for patients in assisted-living facilities and for patients who may be very active.
  • If you move away, you are not losing out on prepaid services. Simply find a new hearing health provider to take over your care.
  • Our audiologists have extensive experience with multiple hearing aid manufacturers, with no brand loyalty.  This translates to significant knowledge about all products on the current market so you can trust that the hearing aid brand, style, options and technology level is best customized to meet your needs.

Insurance Partners

We are an in-network provider with many insurance companies. This means that if your insurance plan offers a hearing aid benefit, you will often receive in-network prices if you purchase through Merit Hearing. Insurance network status may vary by location and provider.

Some insurance plans utilize a third-party partner to administer their hearing aid benefit. With these partnership programs, the hearing aid prices are determined by the insurance contracts. Their pricing may be different than the prices shown on our website for direct purchases from our clinic. To serve our patients whose insurance utilizes these partnerships, we are also in-network with most of these third party programs.

Hearing aid coverage varies widely among different insurance plans. Our staff is happy to assist you in determining your hearing aid benefit through your insurance.