Signia Hearing Aid Sale

Signia Hearing Aid Prices

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Have you been considering hearing aids? Are you interested in premium level technology? Have you been searching to find hearing aids at an affordable price? If so, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. We took advantage of a Signia (also known as Siemens) promotion and are now passing the savings along to you with this Signia hearing aid sale.

This offer is only valid while supplies last!

Signia Pure 312 7X — Only 1 Pair Remaining

Pure 312 hearing aids were the first available on the new Xperience platform from Signia. It’s small size and clean lines make it a very attractive hearing aid. These feature Bluetooth connectivity for direct streaming capabilities. One pair of deep brown Pure 312 7X is available at the discounted price.

Signia Pure 312 7X in deep brown
Normal price $3,660 per pair.
Sale price $2,800 for a pair.

Signia Silk 7nx — Only 1 pair remaining

Signia Silk 7Nx hearing aids offer a completely-in-the-canal option with an open-fit feel. This hearing aid features no behind-the-ear parts which makes them easy to wear with a mask. They also feature the ability to turn your smart phone into a remote control.

Signia Silk hearing aids
Signia Silk 7NX
Normal Price $3,350 for a pair.
Sale Price: $1,800 for a pair.

We only have a few units in stock available at these discounted prices. Contact us today to take advantage of this Signia hearing aid sale!