Signia Hearing Aid Pricing

Signia Hearing Aid Prices

Real Signia hearing aid prices are hard to find online! We are a local audiology company trying to make the process of purchasing a hearing aid more comfortable for our patients. We do this by offering unbundled service to lower out of pocket costs and by sharing all of our prices online.

All models of Signia (previously known as Siemens or Sivantos) hearing aids are available for purchase through Merit Hearing. The prices for the newest product lines are listed below. The cost includes a hearing aid fitting and orientation and one year of hearing aid follow-up visits.

If you are interested in learning more about hearing aids, or are ready to purchase a pair of hearing aids, please contact us for an appointment. Our audiologists are happy to assist you in choosing the best hearing aids based on your specific type of hearing loss.

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Signia Pure Charge & Go AX Prices

The Augmented Xperience (AX) platform was newly released in May of 2021.

Signia Pure Charge & Go AX hearing aid in silver
Pure Charge & Go AX in silver
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Pure Charge & Go 7AX$2,010$3,720
Pure Charge & Go 7AX T$2,010$3,720
Pure Charge & Go 5AX$1,730$3,160
Pure Charge & Go 5AX T$1,730$3,160
Pure Charge & Go 3AX$1,524$2,748
Pure Charge & Go 3AX T$1,524$2,748
All Signia Pure Charge & Go AX hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Signia Insio Custom AX Hearing Aid Prices

The new Insio Charge & Go AX devices are Signia’s first custom rechargeable hearing aid!

ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Insio Charge & Go 7AX$2,010$3,720
Insio Charge & Go 5AX$1,730$3,160
Insio Charge & Go 3AX$1,524$2,748
All Signia Insio Charge & Go AX hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Signia Styletto X Prices

Single Signia Styletto X Hearing Aid standing up. Color changes between the available color options.
Signia Styletto X
DeviceTwo Devices
Styletto 7X Kit$3,660
Styletto 5X Kit$3,110
Styletto 5X Kit$2,708
All Styletto X hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Signia Motion X Prices

Signia Motion Charge & Go BTE hearing aids inside charger
Signia Motion Charge & Go in Charger
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Motion Charge & Go 7X$1,980$3,660
Motion Charge & Go P 7X$1,980$3,660
Motion Charge & Go SP 7X$1,980$3,660
Motion Charge & Go 5X$1,705$3,110
Motion Charge & Go P 5X$1,705$3,110
Motion Charge & Go SP 5X$1,705$3,110
Motion Charge & Go 3X$1,504$2,708
Motion Charge & Go P 3X$1,504$2,708
Motion Charge & Go SP 3X$1,504$2,708
All Motion X models come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Signia Active Prices

Signia Active Pro hearing aids in rose gold
Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids in Rose Gold
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Active Pro$1,980$3,660
All Signia Active hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Signia Pure 312 x Prices

Pair of beige Signia Pure 312 X Hearing Aids standing up
Signia Pure 312 X in Beige
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Pure 312 7X$1,980$3,660 | ***$2,800***
Pure 312 5X$1,705$3,110
Pure 312 3X$1,504$2,708
Signia Hearing Aid Sale – Save $860 on a pair of Pure 312 7X hearing aids (one pair left)
All Pure 312 hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Signia Silk X Prices

One left (blue) Signia Silk X hearing aid held in between thumb and pointer finger
Signia Silk X
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Silk 7X$1,980$3,660
Silk 5X$1,705$3,110
Silk 3X$1,504$2,708
All Silk X hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

See Economy Signia 1x hearing aid prices

Signia Insio Customs NX Prices

Pair of Signia Insio Custom NX hearing aids shown with a ring in the foreground and a watch in the background
Signia Insio Custom NX
ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Insio Custom 7nx$1,775$3,350
Insio Custom 5nx$1,500$2,800
Insio Custom 3nx$1,299$2,398
All Insio Custom Nx hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

CROS Transmitter $769

Accessories & Supplies

Pure Charge & Go AX Standard Charger$249
Pure Charge & Go AX Portable Charger$294
Pure Charge & Go AX Dry & Clean Charger$294
Motion X Standard Charger$249
Motion X Dry & Clean Charger$294
Active/Active Pro Charger$249
Styletto Charger$249
Lithium Ion Charger (Pure Charge & Go and Cellion)$239
Streamline Mic$225
Streamline TV$200
TV Transmitter (px and older)$150
MiniPocket Remote Control$150
Click Domes & Click Sleeves – Pack of 6$12-$14
MiniReceiver Wax Guards – Pack of 8$10
*Sales tax not included

These Signia (Siemens) hearing aid prices are available at all of our locations!

If you are interested in more information about any of the Signia hearing aids or accessories listed above, or if you would like pricing on a different Signia product, please contact us.

We are currently a contracted in-network provider with many insurance plans. Some policies do cover hearing aids and the services related to selecting and programming hearing aids. We are happy to assist you with determining insurance coverage for hearing aids.