Signia / Sivantos Hearing Aid Pricing

We carry many models of Signia / Sivantos hearing aids, and pricing is listed below.  The price includes a hearing aid fitting and orientation and one year of hearing aid follow-up visits. The first price is for one hearing aid (monaural fitting) and second price is for two hearing aids (binaural fitting).   If you are looking to replace an older model Signia, Sivantos or Siemens hearing aid please inquire about pricing.

*Charger included in Price

Styletto 7nx Kit*        $3241

Styletto 5nx Kit*        $2691

Styletto 3nx Kit*        $2289

Pure Charge & Go 7nx*     $1713         $3241

Pure Charge & Go 5nx*     $1488         $2691

Pure Charge & Go 3nx*     $1137         $2289

Pure 312, Pure 10, Pure 13T

7nx      $1713         $3241

5nx      $1488         $2691

3nx      $1137         $2289

Motion 13T, Motion 13P

7nx      $1713         $3241

5nx      $1488         $2691

3nx      $1137         $2289

Insio Customs and Silk

7nx      $1713         $3241

5nx      $1488         $2691

3nx      $1137         $2289

CROS Transmitter   $749

Previous generation starter aids

2px      $649       $1149

1px      $499       $849

Basic   $449         $749

All of the following accessories are subject to 7% sales tax

Styletto Charger    $229

Cellion Inductive Charger $229

Streamline Mic    $225

Streamline TV    $200

TV Transmitter (px and older) $150

EasyTek $249

MiniPocket Remote Control   $150

These prices are available both in West Des Moines, IA and in Jefferson, IA!

If you are interested in more information about any of the products listed above, or if you would like pricing on a different Signia/Sivantos product, please reach out to us via email at