Rexton Hearing Aid Prices

Rexton hearing aids are now available at Merit Hearing! This webpage is still under construction, but complete pricing information is coming soon! If you require immediate assistance, please contact us directly.

The prices listed below include the device(s), a hearing aid fitting and orientation, and one year of follow-up services at Merit Hearing.

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M-Core Hearing Aids Prices

ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
M-Core SR 80
M-Core RIC-Li 80
M-Core BTE-Li 80
M-Core RIC 312 80
M-Core RIC 312 T 80
M-Core iX CIC 80
M-Core SR 60
M-Core RIC-Li 60
M-Core BTE-Li 60
M-Core RIC 312 60
M-Core RIC 312 T 60
M-Core iX CIC 60
M-Core SR 40
M-Core RIC-Li 40
M-Core BTE-Li 40
M-Core RIC 312 40
M-Core RIC 312 T 40
M-Core iX CIC 40
All Rexton M-Core hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Emerald Hearing Aid Prices

ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Emerald 80 (S, M, XS) RIC 8c$1,769$3,375
Emerald 60 (S, M, XS) RIC 8c$1,496$2,827
Emerald 40 (S, M, XS) RIC 8c$1,307$2,449
Emerald 30 (S, M, XS) RIC$1,239$2,313
Emerald 20 (S, M, XS) RIC$1,214$2,263
All Rexton Emerald hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Mosiac Hearing Aid Prices

ModelOne DeviceTwo Devices
Mosiac 80 (M, P, HP) BTE 8c$1,769$3,373
Mosiac 60 (M, P, HP) BTE 8c$1,496$2,827
Mosiac 40 (M, P, HP) BTE 8c$1,307$2,449
Mosiac 30 (M, P, HP) BTE$1,239$2,313
Mosiac 20 (M, P, HP) BTE$1,214$2,263
All Rexton Mosiac hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Rexton Accessory & Supply Prices

Rexton accessories can be purchased through our online store by clicking the links below. If you are looking for an accessory that is not listed, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Smart Connect$250
Smart Remote$223
Smart Mic$227
Smart Key Remote$160
Slim RIC BT Charger (StyleLine BT)$249
Slim RIC Charger (StyleLine)$249
SR Charger M-Core$249
Click Domes & Click Sleeves – Pack of 6$12-$14
MiniReceiver Wax Guards – Pack of 8$10
*Sales tax is not included in the prices listed above.