Hearing Protection

Westone Hearing Protection

Certain occupations and hobbies can cause hearing loss if you are not using appropriate hearing protection. Hearing loss caused by loud noises can be permanent. It’s important to protect your hearing when you are exposed to noises over 80 dB. The louder the sound is, the faster hearing loss will occur with the same exposure. Some common sounds that are louder than 80 dB include:

  • Gunshots – 140 dB
  • Sirens – 120 dB
  • Concerts – 110 dB
  • Bars – 105 to 110 dB
  • Sporting events – 100 dB
  • Motorcycle – 95 dB
  • Hairdryer – 85 dB
  • Lawnmowers & Leafblowers – 80 to 85 dB


Style 4RT DefendEar Motorsport$122
Style 39 DefendEar Hunter (Passive)$170
Style 40 DefendEar Solid$126
Style 40-6 DefendEar Sleep$126
Style 42 DefendEar Ultra Lite$145
Style 47 DefendEar Filtered$145
Style 49 DefendEar Concert$175
TRU Customs$175
Style 56 (UM56) Custom monitor adapter$160
CR10 Recreational Earphones$270
DefendEar Max Industrial$150
*Sales tax not included

Digital products

DefendEar Digital 1$1,195
DefendEar Digital 2$1,395
DefendEar Hunter$1,795
*Sales tax not included

Musician products

*Sales tax not included

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about hearing protection, or are interested in purchasing one of these Westone products. Some of these products will require an appointment for ear impressions prior to purchase.