Low-Cost Economy Hearing Aids

True to our mission, Merit Hearing is pleased to offer low-cost economy hearing aids. This program features entry-level hearing aids designed to compete with the personal amplification device market. These hearing aids feature a customized fit and many of the same features of more advanced hearing aids. However, these devices offer less sophisticated processing, particularly in places with background noise. These hearing aids are still made by the major hearing aid manufacturers we know and trust in the hearing healthcare field. These are not the same as over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, since they are only available through a licensed hearing aid provider and must be professionally fit based on your specific hearing loss.

Economy hearing aids are a good option for several types of people:

  • People who are new to hearing aids but would otherwise not pursue devices.
  • Those who are unlikely to be full-time hearing aid users.
  • People who will mainly use their hearing aids within their home, or other quiet environments with minimal background noise.
  • Instances where purchasing more expensive hearing devices are not compatible with lifestyle and budget.
  • For caregivers purchasing for someone at high risk of neglecting care of the devices such as individuals with cognitive limitations or dementia.

Economy hearing aids will be professionally adjusted by one of our audiologists based on your hearing loss. We include a three-month service contract for all economy hearing aids. This means that you can return to Merit Hearing as many times as you’d like during the first three months for no additional charge to get the hearing aids adjusted.

Entry-level hearing aid prices are listed below. The prices include a hearing evaluation, the hearing aid(s), a hearing aid fitting and orientation, and three months of follow-up services.

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Signia Economy-Level Hearing Aids

The Signia X platform was newly released in 2020. These starter hearing aids utilize the latest technology platform available from Signia, but have fewer features than the higher level models. The 1X level is the most affordable way to experience current name-brand hearing aids.

DeviceTypeOne DeviceTwo Devices
Pure Charge & Go 1XRIC, Rechargeable$750$1,250
Styletto 1X KitRIC, RechargeableN/A$1,250
Pure 312 or 13 1XRIC$650$1,150
Silk 1XITE$650$1,150
All 1X Signia hearing aids come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Pure Charge & Go and Styletto 1X hearing aids contain a lithium ion battery. The battery lasts all day, and the hearing aids can be safely stored in the charger overnight so they are ready for the next day. The Pure 312 and Pure 13 1X hearing aids utilize either a size 312 or size 13 battery.

Pure Charge & Go, Styletto, Pure 312, and Pure 13 hearing aids all have “made for iPhone” bluetooth connectivity. They are appropriate for mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing losses. Remote adjustments can be made by utilizing the telecare portal to connect you with your Merit Hearing audiologist.

The Silk 1X hearing aids are discrete with no behind-the-ear piece. They utilize a size 10 battery and are appropriate for mild, moderate, and moderately-severe hearing losses. Remote adjustments can be made by utilizing the telecare portal.

Oticon Ruby 2 Hearing Aids

The Oticon Ruby 2 line comes in 5 different behind-the-ear hearing aid styles including: miniRITE, miniRITE T, miniRITE R (rechargeable), BTE, and Plus Power. The Ruby line of products comes at the lowest price-point from Oticon.

Oticon Ruby miniRITE hearing aid
DeviceOne DeviceTwo Devices
Ruby 2 BTE$750$1,350
Ruby 2 BTE PP$750$1,350
Ruby 2 miniRITE$750$1,350
Ruby 2 miniRITE T$750$1,350
Ruby 2 miniRITE R$950$1,750

Unitron Economy-Level Tempus Hearing Aids

The Unitron Tempus platform was released in 2017. This slightly older technology comes with the most budget-friendly price tag.

Unitron Tempus family hearing aids. 11 single hearing aids in a row showcasing them
Unitron Tempus family hearing aids
DeviceTypeOne DeviceTwo Devices
T Moxi Fit 500RIC$595$895
T Moxi Now 500RIC$595$895
T Stride M, P, & P Dura 500BTE$595$895
T Insera 500ITE$595$895
All economy-level Unitron hearing aids come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Please contact us if you would like more information about hearing aids, or if you would just like to have your hearing tested. We accept most major insurance plans, and are happy to assist you in determining your insurance coverage for hearing aids.

If you would like to see prices for more hearing aids from Merit Hearing please visit the rest of our website. You can find prices for Oticon, Starkey, Signia, Unitron, Phonak, Widex, and ReSound hearing aids. Our mission is to make hearing aids more affordable and accessible for people with hearing loss. We believe the best way to achieve that goal is through price transparency.