Getting Started

Merit Hearing provides a full array of hearing products and services and we do it in your own home on your time!

Call or e-mail for a no-cost, no-obligation itemized quote on what your costs will be to own a new set of hearing aids.   We also provide quotes for specific products if you are already considering the purchase from another retailer.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation and hearing aid examination cost is $35.00

A full exam takes approximately 45 minute to an hour.

A typical exam will consist of:

Case History


Pure Tone Audiometry (Air and Bone Conduction)

Speech Reception Threshold

Word Recognition

Speech in Noise

Typanometry and reflexes

Hearing Aid Recommendation (if a candidate)

Call, text, or e-mail us today to book an evaluation!

Phone Number: 515-499-8622

Jefferson, Iowa – Greene County Medical Center appointments: 515-386-2114