Communication tips for hearing loss – Part III

Do you have a loved one that has hearing loss? Do you struggle to communicate with that person? Below we give 5 more communication tips on how to better converse with a person who has hearing loss.

11. Be patient.

Patience and understanding can resolve many communication barriers. It’s easy for both the speaker and the listener to become frustrated if they are unable to understand each other.

If someone with hearing loss is having trouble understanding you, don’t give up and say “Nevermind.” This often comes across as very dismissive, and can feel isolating to the listener.

12. Use open-ended questions.

Open-ended questions are helpful in ensuring understanding and in stimulating further discussion. When possible, choose to use open-ended questions over “yes or no” questions.

13. It’s Ok to ask “are you hearing me okay?”

Even with hearing aids, people with hearing loss can still have difficulty understanding conversations. If you notice they have stopped participating in the conversation, it’s okay to ask if they can hear you alright.

This question is often appreciated because it conveys awareness and provides an opportunity to improve communication.

14. Stand close to the listener.

Stand close, but not too close. Make sure that your face and hands are fully visible so the listener can see your facial expressions, lip movements, and hand gestures.

15. Stand in a well-lit place.

Again, visual cues can be vital to understanding for people living with hearing loss. Choose a will-lit room, and don’t stand with your back to a light source. This will reduce the chance of glare on your face, which can limit the listener’s ability to see your face.

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Check back for Part 4 to learn additional tips on improving communication with your loved one with hearing loss.

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