Merit Hearing Covid-19 Precautions and Beyond

As we ease out of COVID restrictions, Merit Hearing is still committed to the safety of our patients and staff. During the pandemic, many at-risk patients have chosen to delay routine medical needs such as hearing healthcare. As patients begin to utilize these services we are continuing to fulfill the needs of patients who prefer or require less risk. We are excited to offer enhanced policy and services that increase safety for patients who are still not comfortable with returning to the clinic. Our Covid-19 precautions have been in place for the last year, and we intend to continue offering these enhanced appointment options permanently.

Enhanced Universal Precautions – Standard precautions include frequent sanitation of all patient areas and equipment. Frequent hand washing and use of disposable contact equipment when possible. Enhanced procedures include temperature checks upon entry. Our employees always wear masks and we also require patients entering the clinic to follow this policy. If you do not have a mask, we can provide one for you. We also provide hand sanitizer and hand-washing areas available for patient use.

Air purification systems – Our clinic uses active HEPA filtration in all of our patient clinic areas. In addition to the reduction of airborne disease particles, HEPA filters can help reduce allergens in the air during seasonal months.

Curbside Appointments – Nearly all of our care options can be provided to you from the comfort of your car. When scheduling an appointment, specify that you prefer to do a curbside visit.

In-Home Care – Many hearing aid adjustments can be provided via remote application with use of the patient’s smartphone. We can also offer in-home testing and hearing aid fittings which range from having the clinician present to completely contact-less.

Drop Off Clinic – If you require a manufacturer repair, just call us and let us know. We offer a quick drop-off clinic for non-working hearing aids.

If you have any questions about our Covid-19 precautions, please contact us.

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