Economy Hearing Aid Plans

In an attempt to maintain our mission of offering affordable hearing aid prices, Merit Hearing is pleased to introduce economy hearing aid plans. Economy hearing aids combined with unbundled services allow us to offer hearing aids at discounted prices.

These low-cost hearing aids come in the exact same styles and discrete designs and colors as premium hearing aids, but at a fraction of the cost. They often lack some of the processing sophistication of more advanced models, such as noise reduction, but they are still professionally fit by an audiologist. This means that they are specifically set for amplification matched to the user’s hearing profile. Some models are available with bluetooth and rechargeable options.

Our economy hearing aid plans are perfect for people with mild hearing losses who are not ready to invest fully in hearing aids, but need part-time quality amplification. Economy hearing aids are also ideal for individuals who are at higher risk of neglecting the hearing aids (such as dementia care), or other patients who have financial limitations. Economy hearing aids are also good “starter hearing aids” for people who have never used hearing aids before.

We specifically chose our economy product offering from major manufacturers which we have had previous success fitting. These hearing aids start at $895 for a pair of devices. The cost includes a hearing examination, customized fitting and orientation on how to care for the devices, and the first three months of follow-up service.

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Unitron Tempus 500 Hearing Aids

The cheapest hearing aids we offer as part of the economy plan are Unitron Tempus. They were released in 2017, which is why we are able to offer them at such a discounted rate. They are not available in a rechargeable option, and they come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

5 RIC hearing aids, 2 ITE hearing aids, 4 BTE hearing aids in the Unitron tempus family
Unitron Tempus family

We offer select Tempus 500 hearing aids through our economy program. One hearing aid (including the services listed above) will cost $595, while a pair of hearing aids will be $895. Click here for more details on Unitron Tempus models currently available.

Signia 1x Hearing Aids

In 2020, Signia released their new X technology platform. We are offering select Signia 1X hearing aids as part of our economy hearing aid program. Click here for more information and for detailed pricing on Signia 1X hearing aids. The prices start at $650 for one hearing aid and $1,150 for two hearing aids. These hearing aids are a bit more expensive than the Unitron options, but keep in mind that they utilize brand new technology and parts. A major advantage of choosing these newer hearing aids is that the manufacturer will continue servicing the devices and stocking replacement parts for longer. These Signia hearing aids will come with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Our economy hearing aid plans are a budget-friendly way to get started with hearing aids. If you are curious about how the prices compare to the mainstream models, you can find pricing for all other hearing aids we offer here.

These prices and offerings are valid as of July 2020. Over time, the brands and models of hearing aids that are available through our economy program will change. To see the current offerings, visit the Economy Hearing Aid page of our website. Our goal is to offer hearing aids at the lowest possible prices while still providing exceptional hearing health care. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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