Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids run on batteries. The most common sizes of hearing aid batteries are 312, 10, and 13. Less commonly, hearing aids can also take size 675 batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids have become more common over the last several years as well. In this blog post we will explore the differences between different hearing aid batteries and why one may be a better choice for you than the others.

Rechargeable Vs. Button Batteries

Rechargeable hearing aids are relatively new. Current rechargeable hearing aids utilize lithium ion batteries. The batteries typically last for an entire day of use, then the hearing aids are placed into a charger to recharge overnight. Most patients find rechargeable batteries to be very convenient, however, not all hearing aids are available in a rechargeable option. If you prefer in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, there is only one rechargeable option currently available — Starkey Livio AI Custom Rechargeable hearing aids. If you prefer a different brand or type of ITE hearing aids, you will end up with non-rechargeable devices that use traditional button batteries.

Frequent travelers, people who enjoy camping, or other people who may not have access to power outlets regularly, may want to avoid rechargeable hearing aids. If your rechargeable hearing aids die and you don’t have access to a power source, you cannot use your hearing aids. To note, some hearing aid chargers do have an on-board battery that can store enough power to recharge the hearing aids several times without plugging in to a power outlet.

Zinc-ion, or button batteries are the alternative to rechargeable lithium ion hearing aid batteries. They need to be changed every 3-20 days, depending on battery size, and hearing aid usage. For example, people who do a lot of streaming will need to change their hearing aid batteries more frequently than someone who does not stream. Button batteries are also extremely dangerous if ingested. If you live with small children or pets, you will need to ensure your batteries are stored in a safe location where they will not access them.

Battery Size Vs. Duration

comparison chart of hearing aid batteries -- sizes 675, 13, 312, 10
Photo Credit: Healthy Hearing

The larger the hearing aid battery, the longer the lifespan. Some patients prefer larger batteries because they need to change them less frequently. Larger batteries are also easier to handle, which can be an advantage for people with dexterity issues. However, for hearing aids to accommodate larger batteries, the devices themselves also need to be larger. This means that patients who prefer small, extremely discrete hearing aids will have to change batteries more frequently.

Hearing aid batteries are color coded based on their size. The colors will remain the same across all hearing aid battery brands. This helps many patients remember which box of batteries to purchase.

  • Blue = 675
  • Orange = 13
  • Brown = 312
  • Yellow = 10

To get the most life out of your batteries, store them in their original packaging. The batteries will be activated when they are exposed to oxygen, so be sure to wait to remove the sticker on the back of the battery until you’re ready to use it. Once you remove the sticker, wait about one minute before putting it inside your hearing aid. To further extend the life of the batteries, open the battery door of your hearing aids when you aren’t wearing them.

Hearing Aid Battery Brands

Hearing aid batteries are available from many different manufacturers. We prefer Rayovac because they have a strong reputation for producing reliable hearing aid batteries. Many hearing aid clinics will sell batteries that are privately labeled. These are often manufactured by Rayovac, but even if they are from another company, private label batteries are typically high quality as well.

Where to Purchase Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries can be purchased from most drug stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, your hearing healthcare provider, or online. Hearing aid providers tend to go through batteries quickly, so you may get “fresher” batteries by purchasing directly from your provider. If you would like to order from Merit Hearing, they can be purchased through our online store, or you can give us a call! We are happy to set them aside for pickup, or they can be mailed directly to your home. Our clinic pricing is:

  • 40 batteries for $20
  • 80 batteries for $40

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