Product Spotlight: Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aids

pair of Signia Silk Nx hearing aids
Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aids

Signia History

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Signia is one of the most well-known hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They were previously known as Siemens, and they are owned by a larger company called Sivantos. This is important because sometimes you will still hear Signia referred to as either “Siemens” or “Sivantos,” and it can be confusing. Regardless of their current name, they have been the same talented outfit providing quality hearing healthcare for many years.

Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aids

signia silk hearing aids, one inside man's ear

Signia Silk hearing aids are some of the smallest hearing aids currently available. If you are concerned about other people noticing that you are wearing hearing aids, look no further than the Signia Silk. Once inside the ear, Signia Silk hearing aids are nearly invisible.

Signia Silk hearing aids utilize silicone sleeves to fit snugly inside the ear. The sleeves are available in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will fit securely inside your ear. This feature makes Signia Silk different than other in-the-ear (ITE) style hearing aids, as you do not have to wait for custom-made ear molds. They are also unique as their open design also can reduce the occlusion effect commonly noticed with in-the-ear devices. They can be used to treat mild and moderate hearing losses.

The Nx platform also features HD Spatial awareness. This means that the hearing aids can detect the location of sounds, and enhance cues to the wearer to improve their sense of direction and depth in both quiet and noisy environments.

We have chosen the Signia Silk Nx hearing aids as our first Product Spotlight feature because they are a great ITE hearing aid option. Many of our patients are struggling with their behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aids during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to difficulties wearing them with a mask, or with headphones during video calls. Since Signia Silk hearing aids fit completely inside the ear, you they never get tangled up with face masks, and they are compatible with over-the-ear headphones.


  • Remote Control availability — Signia Silk hearing aids can be controlled by using the Signia app on your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone, they are also compatible with the Signia miniPocket.
  • Ultra HD e2e — There is a high-definition, continuous, full-bandwidth ear-to-ear link between the hearing aids. This means that the hearing aids are constantly sharing data and audio processing information with each other to provide clearer speech and more natural sounds.
  • Microphone — The microphone focuses on the speaker in front of the hearing aid wearer and reduces background noises.
  • Wireless CROS/BiCROS — This transmitter device sends processed audio signals between the hearing aids utilizing the Ultra HD e2e technology.
  • Removal Cord — The removal cord makes removing the Signia Silk hearing aids from the ear simple for everyone.
  • Tinnitus Therapy — Signia Silk NX hearing aids have Notch Therapy built in. Notch Therapy can reduce the effects of tinnitus. They also contain a tinnitus therapy feature that generates additional sound in the form of a soft therapy signal.
  • Vented Click Sleeves — Ventilation to the ear enhances both wearing and listening comfort.


  • Music and TV streaming directly into the hearing aids is not supported. This is a very common trade-off when choosing completely-in-the-ear style hearing aids. Their small size, and the lack of any external components, make direct streaming difficult.
  • In order to directly stream phone calls into the Signia Silk NX hearing aids, you must activate the Twin Phone functionality by using either the Signia App or the miniPocket accessory. When using this feature, you must hold the phone close to one hearing aid, and then the phone call can be heard in both hearing aids.

Signia Silk Pricing

We offer Signia Silk Nx hearing aids in three different performance levels: 7Nx, 5Nx,and 3Nx. The more advanced performance levels have more sophistication in regards to sound clarity and signal processing. They also contain more programs, more adjustment variability, and higher bandwidth.

TechnologyOne DeviceTwo Devices
Silk 7Nx$1,775$3,350
Silk 5Nx$1,500$2,800
Silk 3Nx$1,299$2,398
All models come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty

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This blog post was the first of our “Product Spotlight” series. Check back for our next installment to continue learning about available hearing aid technology.

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