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From time-to-time we will update this blog with new developments in hearing health such as product improvements, research breakthroughs, and changes in the industry.

Since the early 1980’s with the invention of all-digital hearing aids, the process of miniaturization and complexity of hearing aids has advanced at a rapid pace.  Many reputable manufacturers exist competing for the opportunity to assist in the hearing healthcare needs for patients across the world.  This dynamic has fueled an ever-changing landscape for hearing healthcare.

Right now there is a strong market influence on creating hearing aids that are smaller, better at processing speech in noise, and are compatible with our communication and informational devices (phones, computers, televisions).  As an industry, we have just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of how our hearing devices interconnect with our ears, brain, body and environment.  Extraordinary developments are already here and more are just around the corner.  In this blog we will highlight some of these advances and how we can use these developments to enhance our lives.

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