Contact-Free Audiology Appointments

At Merit Hearing, we are pleased to offer several options for contact-free audiology appointments and services. Given the current situation with COVID-19, it will take all of us to prevent the spread. Utilizing minimal-contact drive-up and other contact-less services, whenever possible, provides a safer option for both our patients and our staff members.


Thanks to our portable audiometer, we have the ability to conduct comprehensive hearing evaluations outside of the office. Simply call us when you arrive in the parking lot, and our audiologist will come out to your vehicle to conduct the test. Our portable equipment also allows us to do hearing aid adjustments and fittings via curbside appointment as well.

If your hearing aids are malfunctioning or need a deep clean, we are happy to come out to your vehicle to collect the devices. Our staff will take them inside, perform the requested services, and then return them to your car once done. Mail-in options are also available in many circumstances.

If you need to purchase additional batteries, wax filters, dome tips, or other supplies, we offer curbside pickup for those items. Call or email us to let us know what supplies you would like, and we will have them ready for pickup.

Appointments are required for curbside services. For the safety of our staff, we also require masks to be worn during drive-up appointments.


For patients near and far, we are happy to service your hearing aids by mail. Give us a call and let us know what’s going on. Our staff will then instruct you on whether we can service the devices in our office, or if they will need to go to the manufacturer. Your hearing aids will be shipped to your home once completed.

Supplies like batteries, wax filters, and dome tips can also be mailed to your home. These can be requested by phone or email, or they can be ordered directly from our online store. If you aren’t sure which products you need, please contact our staff for assistance.

Remote Care

Most hearing aid manufacturers now offer remote-adjustment capabilities. This means that your audiologist can make changes to your hearing aid settings over the internet. Typically, our audiologists will schedule a Zoom call, so they can discuss the changes with the patient as they are occurring. After making the adjustments, the patient has the opportunity to provide feedback in case further adjustments are needed.

Our staff is also happy to offer troubleshooting assistance via phone or email. For example, if your hearing aids have become disconnected from your smartphone, our staff can walk you through the steps to reconnect it remotely.

Choose contact-free audiology appointments to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

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