Gift Ideas for Kids With Hearing Loss

The holidays are right around the corner! If you’re looking for gift ideas for kids with hearing loss, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite gifts related to hearing loss for the 2020 holiday season.

Gift Ideas Under $100

Face masks

What 2020 gift list would be complete without mentioning face masks? The best face masks for kids with hearing aids are ones that don’t loop behind the ears. This will help to prevent the face mask from getting tangled up with the hearing aids. Some of our favorite face masks are:

face mask patterns

Additionally, face masks with a clear front are helpful for family members and friends of kids with hearing loss. Many hard of hearing kids rely on lip reading and facial expressions to understand speech. Giving clear face masks to close contacts of kids with hearing loss is also a great gift.

Girl wearing face mask with transparent front

Sweet Sign Language Apparel – $18.99 – $29.99

This shop has it all: onesies, tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies in child and adult sizes. Their designs are so cute and incorporate sign language letters and words. These are perfect gifts for kiddos with hearing loss and their friends and family members.

Hearing Aid Stickers & Charms – $10

There are tons of hearing aid customization options available, especially on Etsy. Kids will love to bedazzle their hearing aids with stickers, charms, and tube twists to fit their current style. Check out our post on Hearing Aid Customization for complete details on our favorite ways to customize hearing aids.

Pineapple Hearing aid charm

Let’s Learn Sign Language Flash Cards – $23.24

These flashcards are a great way to help younger kids start to learn sign language. No prior knowledge of sign language is required to use these cards. They include greetings and manners, following directions, verbs and adjectives, everyday words and phrases, animals, people and emotions.

Lets Learn Sign Language box and sample cards

Hear Like Me Doll – $38 – $70

You can currently choose between Anna or Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, or a customizable baby doll. Once you’ve chosen the figurine, then you can choose to add hearing aids, cochlear implants, or BAHA’s. The result is a doll, Barbie, or a superhero that looks just like your child!

If your child prefers a different character, keep an eye on the Etsy store as the offerings change from time to time.

Gift Ideas Over $100

LEGO City Main Square – $199.99

What kid doesn’t love LEGO’s? We love this set that comes with a city hall, city square, concert stage, diner, and tram station. It comes with 14 LEGO characters, a stretch limo, motorcycle, and wagon. The best part, is the new figurine featuring hearing aids! It’s great seeing inclusive toys so that kids can play with people that look like them. This LEGO set with over 1,500 pieces will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Lego figurine with hearing aids

Joss the American Girl Doll – $140

From American Girl: Joss is a fierce surfer girl who never backs down from a challenge—even if it means taking a chance on something new, like trying out for cheer. But landing a spot on the cheer team is harder than it looks: Joss is hard of hearing, and often misses the count. She realizes that an all-in attitude and an open mind might help her fly higher than ever before.

This doll comes with a carrying case for her hearing aid, and even a backup hearing aid in case she loses one. We love that girls can have a doll that looks just like them.

Joss, the surfer American Girl Doll with hearing aids

TV Connector – $150+

When people purchase new hearing aids, the most common accessory they add on is a TV connector. These devices will stream TV audio directly into compatible hearing aids via Bluetooth. Help the kids in your life fully experience their favorite movies by giving them a TV connector.

These devices are trickier to give as a gift, because you’ll need to know the specific type of hearing aids that are used. Each brand of hearing aid will have its own specific TV connector, and there may be multiple choices based on the age of the devices. The most common devices are:

If you aren’t sure which TV connector will work with the hearing aids, contact your hearing care professional — they will be happy to assist you.

Do you have any other gift ideas for kids with hearing loss? Share in the comments!

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