Hearing Aid Customization

When you first purchase hearing aids, you will work with your audiologist to choose the right hearing aid for you. Then, you will get to choose a color for your hearing aids.

Did you know that there are endless hearing aid customization options, beyond just the color of the devices? Most of these hearing aid accessories are inexpensive to purchase. They can also be easily changed to match your current outfit or mood.


One really inexpensive way to customize your hearing aids is to use stickers. Some hearing aid manufacturers offer stickers, but their selection is limited.

Online, you can find endless hearing aid stickers available through Etsy. They come in different shapes to accommodate different makes and models of hearing aids. See some of our favorite designs below!

Custom Ear Molds

Depending on your hearing loss, your audiologist may recommend that you use custom ear molds with your hearing aids. Many people don’t realize that these can be created in a wide range of colors! Oftentimes there is the option to swirl two or three color together to create your perfect ear mold.

Custom ear molds are not the right choice for everyone with hearing loss. Make sure to discuss this option with your audiologist. Below, you can see the color options available from one of our ear mold vendors.

Unitron earmold color varieties
Source: Unitron Global

Tube Twists

Tube twists are decorations for the tubing of a hearing aid. Again, we suggest looking at Etsy. There’s a wide variety to choose from at affordable prices.

Hearing Aid Charms

Hearing aid charms are similar to tube twists, in that they attach to the tubing of the hearing aid. However, the charms are more like earrings, and can be more like studs or dangling.

For inspiration, we recommend looking at Instagram! You can find thousands of examples of hearing aid customization by searching for #hearingaidsarecool, #hearingaidsrock, #hearingaidcharms, and #hearingaidaccessories. There is also a great community of people sharing their stories about living with hearing loss and hearing aids.

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