Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance

Do you know how to keep your hearing aids in top shape? With good care, hearing aids can often last for 10 or more years. Bringing your hearing aids in to your hearing healthcare provider for cleaning and checks is a good place to start. However, there are also some easy things that you can do at home to keep your hearing aids working well. Keep reading to find our top tips for hearing aid care and maintenance.

Change wax filters regularly.

In general, wax filters need to be changed every one to two months. Some people have more wax in their ears and will need to change them more often. If your hearing aid seems like it is not loud enough, or like it is not working, it can be a sign that the wax filter needs to be changed.

There are many different types and styles of wax filters. Make sure to purchase the correct wax filter that will fit inside your specific hearing aid. Common wax filters are Cerustop, Cerushield, ProWax miniFit, and HearClear. If you aren’t sure which wax filter you should use, contact your audiology clinic, and they will be happy to assist you. If you do know what wax filter you need, they can be purchased from our online store and shipped directly to your home.

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Turn off your hearing aids when you are not using them.

When you remove your hearing aids, open the battery door to turn them off. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, place them inside the charger or turn them off when not in use.

Store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place.

Store your hearing aids away from direct sunlight and heat sources. We recommend using a hearing aid dryer, especially in the summertime. A hearing aid dryer is an inexpensive way to remove moisture from your hearing aids. When the environment is particularly humid, using a hearing aid dryer can be essential to keeping your hearing aids working optimally.

Clean your hearing aids regularly.

Use a soft, dry cloth to clean your hearing aids. Periodically clean the battery contacts and remove any visible wax or debris on the hearing aids.

Change your dome tips as needed.

Some hearing aids have disposable dome tips that can be changed at home. Dome tips can last 6 months or longer for some people. For others, they need to be changed every 1-3 months. If they tear, become misshapen or worn, or start building up debris, it’s time to put on a fresh dome tip. Changing dome tips is typically a straightforward process, but if you are not comfortable doing it at home, your hearing healthcare provider will always be happy to help you. We have many brands and styles of dome tips available for purchase through our online store.

Do not try to repair your hearing aid at home.

If you have been conducting routine care and maintenance of your hearing aids at home, and you feel as though they are not working properly — its time to schedule a visit to your audiologist. An audiologist will have special tools and knowledge available to thoroughly clean and repair your hearing aids. We recommend having an audiologist do a comprehensive check of your hearing aids at least annually. If you are having issues, then we recommend coming in more frequently.

Moisture and debris are a common cause of hearing aid malfunctions. By conducting routine hearing aid care and maintenance at home, you can help ensure your hearing aids work well for many years to come. If you have any questions or concerns about taking care of your hearing aids, just ask! We are here to help.

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