Top 5 Hearing Aid Myths

Unfortunately, the are some common hearing aid myths that many people have heard, and may believe. Keep reading to learn the reality behind these hearing aid myths!

Hearing aids will restore normal hearing.

This is the #1 hearing aid myth that people believe. Unfortunately, wearing hearing aids does not restore your hearing in the same way that wearing glasses will restore your vision to 20/20. Although hearing aids are not a “cure” for hearing loss, they are effective in improving hearing, ability to understand, and quality of life for people with hearing loss.

Modern-day digital hearing aids have made huge improvements in technology to make the sound quality of hearing aids better than ever. Wearing hearing aids will allow you to hear more clearly and participate better in social activities. However, you may still struggle in certain situations. For example, people with hearing aids can have difficulties understanding speech when there is significant background noise, or when the speaker is not facing them.

Only people with severe hearing loss need hearing aids.

Hearing aids can be beneficial for people with moderate, or even mild hearing losses. People with milder hearing losses may be able to “get by” without hearing aids, but they may be missing out on certain sounds such as their grandchild’s laughter, elements of music, or the sound of birds chirping.

My hearing will get worse because my ears will “get used to” the hearing aids.

Properly fitted hearing aids will not cause your hearing to get worse. Hearing aids will amplify sound frequencies that you struggle to hear, but not those that you can hear adequately on your own.

Hearing aids are big and bulky.

This may have been true in the past, but modern hearing aids are smaller than ever! Behind-the-ear style hearing aids and in-the-ear style hearing aids have both shrunk down in size to make them nearly invisible. They even come in a variety of flesh and hair tones to blend in even further.

signia silk hearing aids alone and signia silk inside man's ear
Signia Silk hearing aids

I will love my hearing aids the day I bring them home.

We hope that you do! However, in reality, wearing hearing aids can be a big adjustment. At first, they may seem too loud, or they may be uncomfortable in your ears. Many patients don’t like the way their voice sounds when they start wearing hearing aids. But, we promise your brain will get used to the new sounds that it is no longer accustomed to hearing. After a few weeks, wearing hearing aids will feel more normal.

Sometimes it takes several adjustments to get your hearing aids “just right.” If they continue to be uncomfortable, let us know! We are happy to continue to make tweaks until you are satisfied with your new hearing aids.

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